Mental Health Support

Mental Health Support

Moving forward from racism doesn’t have to be lonely. Having access to a counsellor with a similar experience and background can be powerful

Source: Unknown

Resource directory of recommended books, podcast and resources on healing, & self-care.

Source: Unhyphen Psychology

Book a therapy appointment. Unhyphen Psychology also offers wellbeing workshops.

Source: Black Enterprise

Article diving into strategies for radical self-care.

Source: Sad Girls Club

Provides Quarterly Therapy Scholarship offering 1:1 counselling, and a chat room for a space to vent and heal.

Source: Umeed Psychology

Find Asian Australian psychologist with other services such as mental health workshops for anxiety etc.

Source: Pola Practice

Directory of culturally responsive therapists, many of whom are therapists of colour.

Source: Centre for Muslim Wellbeing

Directory of culturally responsive professionals in mental health.

Source: Shapes and Sounds

Directory for Asian mental health psychologists in Australia

Source: TedTalk

Video guides parents and children to manage racial stress and build self-confidence.

Source: Healing Foundation

Resources for trauma and healing for Stolen Generation survivors and families.

Source: Self

An article with people and organisations to follow, along with mental health directories for Black Americans.

Source: Our Directory

List of BIPOC mental health practitioners in New Zealand and Australia.

Source: The Right to Be

An article that provides self-care guidance on online harassment.

Source: Talk to Us: Off the Record

Self-care tips to cope with global racial injustices.

Source: Multicultural Centre for Women's Health

Videos offered in multiple languages for migrant and refugee women’s health in Australia.

Source: Kids Help Line

Connect online with others, discuss challenges, receive coping support on diverse topics and issues.

Source: University of Pittsburg

Self care resources for black students.

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Your feedback is invaluable. To help us improve let us know how we can support you better!