Dive into Racial Literacy

Dive into Racial Literacy

Dive deeper and learn about the structured harm caused by racism as an institution on Black, Indigenous and people of colour.

Source: WORD Podcast (Maya Cares)

Baishakhi Connor shares her personal journey of migration to Australia, the challenges she faced, and her ongoing efforts to combat systemic racism.

Source: WORD Podcast (Maya Cares)

Cathy Ngo, chief storyteller, entrepreneur, and advocate for diversity and inclusion, sheds light on the impact of systemic injustices.

Source: WORD Podcast (Maya Cares)

In WORD podcast Navanita Bhattacharya, an advocate shares her insights on the impact of systemic racism, personal journey towards social justice.

Source: WORD Podcast (Maya Cares)

Podcast explores the profound impact of systemic racism, socioeconomic disparities, and gender discrimination on individuals, shared by Sarah Liu.

Source: Slate

Article examines Women of Colour’s work-life balance, addressing historical, economic influences.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Article explores women of colour’s imposter syndrome, systemic bias, and inclusion.

Source: Fusion Comedy

Video metaphorically shows microaggression’s impact.

Source: Chinese Museum

Explore racism’s mental health effects, get self-advocacy tips at Melbourne Chinese Museum.

Source: Race forward

Podcast explores race, pop culture, offers strategies for racial justice, inspires action, and learns from leaders.

Source: African American Policy Fourm

Kimberlé Crenshaw’s podcast covers intersectionality, social issues, civil rights, and politics.

Source: Indigenous Health MeDTalk

Podcast on family, mental and sexual health, community issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Source: Racial Equity Tools

Comprehensive list of words and definitions for racial equity.

Source: Unknown

Reflection tools: journal prompts & meditation for ally anti-bias growth and privilege awareness.

Source: Hue

A guide to understand internalised racism and the power structures.

Source: Insider

In-depth article on the concept of anti-racism.

Source: Asian Australian Project

Article about Australian politics and template to write to local candidates about racial policies.

Source: Cultural Bridges to Justice

List of questions to ask yourself to help recognise your own forms of internalised racism.

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