Inspiring Social Media Accounts

A collection of some of our favourite social media and Instagram accounts.

Our Favourite Accounts

Democracy in Colour

For racial and economic justice, by and for People of Colour.

Aj Clementine

Australian creator known for her LGBTQI+ advocacy.

Joy Li

Asian creative who spotlights the Asian Australian migrant experience.


A Muslim fashion/content creator redefining modest fashion and inspiration for Muslim women.

Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights

Australian Muslim Women instagram page who empower and support Muslim women.

Seed Mob

Climate justice movement for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Barsha Ajeh

Muslim fashion influencer based in Sydney.

Road to Refuge

Aim to amplify voices of those with lived experience of seeking refuge.

ID. Know Yourself

Non-profit organisation mission is to mentor indigenous children in and out of home care to provide care and belonging.

Tangentyere Artists

Aboriginal own art centre and gallery based in Alice Springs.

Fight Together For Justice

Organisation with the mission to release refugees who are inhumanely detained.

Amy Wong

Sydney based Asian creative illustrator, animator and clay enthusiast.


Victoria based asian creative (illustrator, muralist etc).

Lumela Co

Inclusive beauty and treatment services.

Filipina Disney Princesses

Representation of Disney princess if they were Filipino

The Right to Be

American based organisation with the mission to end harassment – in all its forms.

Creatives of Colour

A media platform and space of people of colour creatives.

Umeed Psychology

Asian Australian & Pacific Islander psychologist with post on tips for better mental health.

Alison Hui

Victoria based Asian creative.

SAARI Collective

Media startup aim to amplify South Asian Australian voices.

Dear Asian Youth

American Based organisation empowering asian youth into intersectional activism

More Inspiring Accounts

The Right To Be

American based organisation with the mission to end harassment – in all its forms.

Indigenous Doctors

Find inspiration and representation of Indigenous doctors in the field.

Dear Asian Youth

American Based organisation empowering asian youth into intersectional activism


Encyclopedia of microaggressions with some resources on guides on how to deal with them.


A tool to report of instances of discrimation and human rights violations you have experienced

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

CAPP is a three-month training program to help you create change by equipping you with lived experiences of seeking asylum and develop leadership skills to become a powerful advocate for the refugee community.

The Drum

A podcast series discussing various topics regarding activism, identity and our labels

Women of Colour Australia

Join the Executive leadership program for hands-on knowledge to overcome structural and cultural barriers in your organisation as well as address cultural and gender biases in the workplace, to advance your careers.

Eastern Community Legal Centre

Physical event; A safe and inclusive community at Lilydale, Victoria where people share their powerful life experiences.

Australian Psychology Society

Aimed at professional psychologists for anti-racism and psychology.
APS advocates for community wellbeing and social justice to governments and communities in relation to the impact of psychology through discussion papers, reviews, reports and more.

Generally Speaking

A podcast episode discussing the gap of Aborginal and Torres Strait Island health for GPs

Indigenous Health MeDTalk

A Podcast that covers topics realted to family health and wellness, mental and sexual health, and community issues affecting Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Black Rainbow

Find support as an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander apart of the LGBTIQ+ community who may be homeless and experiencing domestic violence or the justice system, through micro-grants and obtain pre-paid phone, data, leadership group etc.

National Justice Project

NJP defends the rights of First Nations people and culturally and linguistically diverse communities who face systemic disrcimantion in healthcare systems, immigration detention etc. Help NJP advocate for law reform and combat racial dsicrimination for a fair justice system through donation and volunteer work

National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy

Programs for the young Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander people, that will help improve their school work, develop career skills, and strengthen identity and pride

African American Policy Fourm

A podcast hosted by Kimberlé Crenshaw, an American civil rights advocate and a leading scholar of critical race theory. The podcast touches on topics of intersectionality,pressing issues in society, civil rights and help you understand social movements and politics.

Race forward

A podcast that shares stories and strategies for racial justice with takes on race and pop culture, while building your own racial justice lens and get inspired to take action and learn from community activist and leaders.


Keep up with online and face to face events and opportunities in Sydney for LGBTIQA+

Dear Asian Youth

A resource toolkit for anti-racism, diversity and inclusion education in classrooms.

National NAIDOC Week

Find your state local NAIDOC celebration held each year on the first week of July to recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isalnder people and learn about First Nations culture and histories.

Australian Indigenous Doctor's Association

AIDA provides support for aspiring Aborgirnal and Torres Strait Islander doctors and students through scholarships, guide through medical school, events and also provides cultural awareness courses for allies in the field to learn from.

Chinese Museum

Post event resources on Anti-Racism Seminar at Chinese Museum in Melbourne to understand racism in Australia, understand the effect of it on your mental health, and tips on how to stand up for yourself and others.

Pay The Rent

Addressing the effects of colonisation PTR is a move towards justice and liberation for First Nation people through your payment which directly goes towards local Aboroginal communities.

Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network

MYAN hosts regular online national meetings and youth led panel events which brings perspectives of policy and practice with and for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds across Australia.

Decolonizing solidarity

Book on ideas, aimed to inspire, support, trouble and give direction to the work of people who support Aboriginal struggles.

All Together Now

ATG advocates for racial equality by running anti-racism online workshops, providing tips on bringing conversations about racism as well as other projects such as their everyday racism app to learn about racism and promote racial equality. You can volunteer and donate to further get involved.

Being Biracial

Podcast about navigating society being biracial and the difficulties and challanges of being mixed raced.

South Asian Australian Representing Ideas

A community collection of resurces such as media stories of South Asian writers and people, an innovative map to find south asian buisness and psychologist, and online/offline events with the commuinty

Australian South Asian Centre

A safe physical wellness space for south asians to stay and visit and connect with others in the community

Brown Creatives Australia

A directory of south asian creatives

Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

Our program empowers young people to lead projects and creates paid and meaningful employment opportunities.

Women With Disabilities Victoria

The Hubs are a friendly space that facilitate leadership networks for women and non-binary people with disabilities and provide support and learn about your rights and share experiences.

Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights

Resources to support muslim women such as peer support sessions, women’s support line providing emotional and cultural support


Online exhibition of transgender BIWOC stories through art

Joy Li

Infographic that playfully captures stereoptypes of the Asian female diaspora

All Together Now

List of organisations for dispute resolution and a breakdown of federal and state/ territory law for racial discimination.

Australian Human Rights Commissioner

Guide on what is the Racial Discrimination Act and guide on making a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commissioner, where a Commission staff may contact you on next steps.


Anti-racism literary platform publishing art, writing, comics and more focusing on asian-australian experiences.

The University of Melbourne

Resources on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures


A visual map of Indegenous Australia, representing the language, social or nation groups of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Diversity Arts Australia

A collection of creative works such as poetry, visual arts, writing and more that are confronting to express stories of xenophobia and abuse across Australia, in hopes to start a conversation.

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We recognise the unique place held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the original custodians across the continent with histories of continuous connection dating back more than 60,000 years

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