Representation matters. Find Bla(c)k Women and Women of Colour artists, activists and change-makers and indulge in their fantastic work.

Source: Multiple

A collection of some of our favourite social media and Instagram accounts.

Source: South Asian Australian Representing Ideas

Hub for South Asian media, businesses, psychologists, and community events.

Source: Being Asian Australian

Collection of Asians in media. 

Source: Asian Australian Project

Asian Australians’ journal articles on their experiences and struggles in Australia.

Source: Liminal

Platform showcasing Asian-Australian experiences through art, writing, comics, and more, promoting anti-racism.

Source: Joy Li

Infographic that playfully captures stereotypes of Asian girls

Source: Crossing the line

Online exhibition of transgender BIWOC stories through art.  

Source: Being Biracial

Podcast discussing challenges of biracial identity and navigating society’s complexities.

Source: Brown Creatives Australia

A directory of South Asian creatives.

Source: Next GenerAsian

Youth-led media amplifying Asian voices, reclaiming identity through poetry and articles.

Source: Unknown

Art collection sparks conversations on xenophobia, Australian abuse stories through creative expression.

Source: Laura Gao

Comic shows Wuhan’s beauty and culture, countering xenophobic portrayal with positive art

Source: Yasmin Abdel-Magied

A Sudanese-Aussie writer, engineer, and advocate for justice. Be inspired through her achievements.

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